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Believe in the me that sees the beauty in you- dance like it's heaven on Earth, and love like you've NEVER been hurt.

I Want Nothing But The Best For You.

Done with another digital piece.

Rin and Haruka are like, fishmen, underwater. Living in a little world, and I imagine swimming would still be a sport you know, even if they had tails and all, I bet they would still do races, and there would be fishmen/women who would win.

I bet they would.

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Made some changes

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Finally done with another digital piece.

Once again I’m unsatisfied with everything here.

Back to the drawing board. …Well not literally, you know what I mean

Art by: Supernovadobe

Storenvy update:

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Art by Supernovadobe

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Art by Supernovadobe

Got best ending in DoNW.

I love these two.

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what is sick about the first 6 gifs is that the scene was totally unscripted and those are the real emotions that Will Smith had because he never had a father growing up himself and wow goddamn go Will

It really pisses me off when people leave out this part of the gifset:

I hardly ever see this one gif used in the same gifset anymore.

To me, this is the bravest one of them all. Because I know this feeling. I ask myself this every damn day. I know how hard this is. And goddamn, does it hurt. But to ask this on film, to a gigantic cast and crew of which many are your friends, is incredible.

this hits home. this is beautiful

I grew up with Will Smith from time to time in my life when I would visit my friend Megan. I remember seeing this scene and thinking to myself that I would be a better person than what I was raised with. I had no idea the brevity of how corrupted my mother was, and being abandoned by my father, and then having him openly disapprove of me - was very difficult.

Seeing this always gives me inspiration to work harder in my day to day life, and simultaneously makes me feel mixed emotions. I will never know what it’s like to attempt to excel from the role models that your parents are. I will not know what it’s like to really be loved because by figures of authority because that simply is not the life I exist. I just do not know the love of a mother or father.

All I know is maybe if I try hard enough, he might care about me, she MIGHT stop lying to me, she might apologize, he might try to make amends, maybe some day I could make them want me.

It was difficult to accept that nothing would change that part about them.

That’s why the last one is so important, because I’ll never know why they both handled the situation the way that they did, but I can say this, love isn’t like that, learning to love, and teaching ‘love’ to another, it’s hard, but no child should go without, and I’m glad for every person who doesn’t know what this feels like, and for every person who does…

you’re not alone. 


wow… I’m sorry that’s happening :c


It just got even worse.

She left me instructions to take her desktop down to the mac store since it needed a new hard drive and she’d pay me extra for it. I haul the damn thing into my car, drive all the way to the nearest apple store which meant contending with some pretty severe traffic, and then haul it into the store only for the associates to tell me that she never made an appointment/there’s no prior paperwork so they can’t do anything without an appointment. Nearest appointment was Sunday morning. She thought I could just wait there until they fixed it so she was saying ‘oh just hang out there, but watch your time I don’t want my dogs alone for too long’

Which… isn’t…??? Staying here for however long it takes, plus traffic means dogs will be alone for several hours. Make up your mind! I just can’t win with this.

So I had to haul it all the way back and then drive all the way home in that hideous traffic. Not to mention, paying for parking, gas, and wear on my nerves.

Yeah this is my last week doing this. She’s expecting me to drop everything in my life for her dogs and she’s not paying NEARLY enough for that kind of service (which I can’t provide).

Ah well, I tried.

Really? I’ve always been relieved about the concept of someone putting a camera up to observe my work performance, even better if they can pick up sound of what is being said. Ive used it to clear my name on several occassions, I was accused of stealing once and they caught the person who was a week later while reviewing footage.

I also used to work at Safeway, and one of my co-workers stole twenty dollars from me, caught on camera from the hallway.

Also while working at Jack in the Box, I was punched literally in the face by a customer while holding the door open for her. Caught on camera.

When I was a manager at Jamba Juice, we used footage to catch an employee stealing from the till.

The worst on the job incidents that ever happened to me were in back rooms, in areas without cameras. Once I used to work at a sandwich shop (Quizno’s) and one of the employees pushed the freezer shut on me (those giant ice boxes) and held it closed, so that when I pushed on the release inside, the door wasn’t popping open like it should. Just when I started to really freak out, the door was opened, when I stepped out my two male co-workers had completely ransacked the back room, trashing it by throwing chips, brooms, dumping the mop water over, and spilling soda on the ground. I was supposed to close that night, so I had to pick it all up. I remember thinking to myself the only reason they would do that is because there was no camera monitoring the back. They were super homophobic there, and I had outed myself early on because I was ignorant of this I was also questioned about whether or not I was a virgin in the back room BY THE MANAGER, and told to my face when I was worried about where my GF might be the previous day that “she was with me last night” from a male co-worker. I quit shortly after lining up another job at Blimpies, I put up and tolerated with all this bullshit because three different reasons: A: Young and worried people wouldn’t believe me. B: wasn’t sure if the owner was down with the homo and would be a hater. And C: Had no family support and needed to pay for the bills.

I’ve used cameras, and cameras being able to see me, to have my back on prompt returns from breaks, lunches, and the whole nine yards. To me, the more I’m on camera, the safer the work environment, because you can’t argue with footage, and any interaction will be much safer. I don’t know they’ve had my back my whole life, and I’d rather work in a house with cameras then without.

I guess it’s unfortunate she’s giving you feedback on the job? I mean if it’s rude or something- but you could always ask her to do so at the end of the day, or dial it back a notch or two rather than losing out on employment when the economy is at its finest hour. -Sarcasm-

I hope things turn out for the better for you. Not to slam you, just sharing personal experiences with your own, I really do hope you can solve this in a manner that is best for you. I put my life on down for many jobs and I didn’t get any retribution because ALL the money I made went to bills and then some, so I can relate to the feeling of not getting paid well, but I still hope having a different perspective will help give you some optimism for your hardship. <3