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Believe in the me that sees the beauty in you- dance like it's heaven on Earth, and love like you've NEVER been hurt.

I Want Nothing But The Best For You.

Now done with all my commissions. Packed and shipped. I wish I could tell you how many Elsa’s I’ve styled but … I really don’t know.

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Uhm… Apparently the stilling took me less than two hours???

I must have a time machine somewhere, that’s disturbing to me.

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That stage of styling when your hands are just a sticky hairspray, wig fiber creatures.

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Learned so much more about ventilating. The process is always odd.

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Omgosh! I hope this means I’ll have good luck!!!!

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Forgot to mention my roommates and wife bought me a 3 DS XL for my birthday.

It was getting scratches so I snagged a sticker cover.

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I don’t know if anyone has seen Utena- but Anthy is the character this wig was fashioned after.

I really don’t ever know how I feel about Anthy. I feel like I can’t really enjoy her character. It’s why I didn’t cosplay her when Raven did Utena.

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Look at these little guys - I need to go to bed. Though I find them quite adorable.

They make me somewhat hungry…

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Opinions- A super big rant that’s REALLY emotional about GoFundMe’s

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