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Updated Storenvy New Costumes for sale!

I’ve just sold most of the old costumes, so I’m updating my store and filling it with the newest batch, hopefully soon I’ll have a real closet again. LOL 

Follow the link if you’re interested! Spring cleaning is on full throttle right now! Will probably be updating again later because I have a bunch of doujinshi and figures to sale as well. 


Reminds me of Duo Maxwell actually.

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This girl was absolutely sweet, and super supportive buying a selfie artpiece from my table.

One of my favorite finished pieces.

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Omg this outfit…. THIS outfit….

The original Mew design is from Cowslip’s GijinkaDex and can be found here:

I really honestly put so much love into this commission. There is a LOT of fabric painting and customizing here. I used dupione fabric here for everything (sans the lining) because there is just the barest of textures to it that I highly appreciate. That and I found the most beautiful hues of pink in the same material soooo… yes. 

Have I mentioned how much I love painting on fabric? lol

Anyway, my Wife (supernovadobe) did me a huge favor by modeling the outfit so the rest of you can get a good feel for how the costume sits on a person. It’s so…. lovely. Ohmygosh my wife is such a lovely model #>.<#!!

That’s all!

Design by Cowslip who can also be found Here :D
Cosplay Made by Me
Model: Supernovadobe

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I have a problem…..

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More head dresses being modeled

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More commissions

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Forever commissions

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Eyeball selfies

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