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Believe in the me that sees the beauty in you- dance like it's heaven on Earth, and love like you've NEVER been hurt.

I Want Nothing But The Best For You.
This is what I get for cosplaying gay porn. FFF…

Still not even sure if this is even sexual harassment- apparently he’s just curious or wanted to inform me I gave him a hard on - or wanted to tell me that I should be “refreshed” by him? 

I should cosplay less …yaoi? I don’t……..

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Weird body concealer called Joan Rivers but like, looks fake ha

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Do you have any tips on covering tattoos and scars for photoshoots?

…You know…? I should look into this and add it to the FAQ…because I’ve actually NEVER bothered to cover any of my tats up. 

/GOOD/ QUESTION ANON. Even /I/ wanna know this now…

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What happened between you and your parents? Bad relationship? You guys don't talk to each other anymore?

Mom: Neglectful to the point of abuse / diagnosed pathological liar / mentally abusive / insomnia / obesity / uneducated / diagnosed mentally handicapped.  K-K-K-KOMBO BREAKER. 

Status affects: Early onset tennis elbow, crooked teeth, psychologically triggered by the words “I love you”, idiosyncratic thought processes, /cannot/ properly socialize, extremely moody, little to no empathy for others, has created my own morality, severe distrust of authority figures. 

Dad: Dead beat / tripped balls over the homo / physically abusive.

Status affects: Yearns for approval from others, vulnerable to the desire to be liked, self esteem issues, gender dysphoria, distrust of men in general, low expectation of humanity on a whole, abandonment fear, does not like the word “Family” 

In general I have baggage and am extremely hard to get along with. I don’t know why people like me. I guess you have to have one moody fucker in the group. 

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I'm thinking about doing a Poison Ivy cosplay, and I have a couple questions. 1. What, do you think, would be a good wig to buy for it? 2. I'm kind of a bigger girl, so is it alright to adapt the costume so that it fits me better, or should I not bother trying to do her?

No one should care about what you wear but you dear. 
If YOU don’t feel good, that’s all that matters. 

As for the wig, probably depends on what version. 

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Hello! I know you probably get this a lot, but I have finally decided to start cosplaying! I have my costumes all done, but I really procrastinated on the wigs. I was wondering if you had any idea where I could start looking for a wig? What sites do you buy them off of? Thanks so much!

Every single one of my wigs are likely from Arda, I use Hong Kong wigs or wigs from Ebay seller for my own personal wear- but anyone who buys commissions from me I use Arda- I think i’ve answered this one about a thousand times-if you actually followed me you should know by now? 

Why is this anonymous again?

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Do you have any advice for picking fabrics? I went to the fabric store to get fabric for Izaya and Zelos but I was so overwhelmed by how many options there were that I didn't know how to pick the right kind of fabric. I'm veryvery new to sewing and am a little lost and overwhelmed. Any advice/help would be appreciated. ^^ Thank you!

Take a class at your local Joannes…i’m not kidding. 

I will think about writing up a FAQ about this- but it will be the best 20.00 you’ve ever spent if you’re new to sewing. You will learn more with a hands on experience than you ever will from asking me.

Izaya would likely be suiting- or some kind of thicker poly blend- not thin cloth, no stretch. 

Zelos would likely be another thicker poly blend, or a salmon suiting material. I like to go with fabrics that have light prints but you know…whatever works. 

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Hello! :D I was just wondering if you were still working on Love Descending? I like what you guys have so far! ^^

It didn’t have enough awareness or raise enough of a profit. 

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i just have to say, both you and raven are super cute but youre both like 10000000x cuter together.

Well then. 

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I know ppl think I’m great and fun and welcoming and warm.

But I’m really not.

I’m like a reverse tsundere.

I hate all of you on the inside.